Business Card Redo


MC2015_Stropes_buisness card

When redoing my business card I implemented the principal of contrast by changing the body of my card to a sans serif font while keeping my name in a serif font. I also changed the location of my address to the bottom of the card in order to draw more attention to my contact information. Additionally I removed the background color from the original card. The mute green was not a good color to describe myself, nor was it appropriate for any type of business card.


Color Schemes




Paint samples are an example of monochromatic color schemes. Although an example showing different shades of a color would also be an example of this color scheme, house paint is generally mixed with white, making it a tint of a color.


ComplementaryThe Scream by Edvard Munch uses the complementary colors of orange in the sky and blue in the rest of the picture. The brighter color of the orange draws your eye first, and its almost like the subject of the painting is screaming because the sky is on fire.


sunflowersThis sunflower shows an example of analogous color because it shows gold, yellow, and green. The yellow of the sunflower pops against the green of the plants around it because it is the brightest of the three colors in the scheme.


Triad schemesThe flag of Colombia is a really good example of a triad color scheme. Not only are its colors of yellow, blue and red a triad, they are a triad of primary colors.




(you may have to zoom out to view the document)

My assigned color was blue, which invokes feelings of sadness and depression. When you think about being blue you feel low. This is why I chose to place the word at the bottom of the document.  I used a 200-point size on the word because the feelings that blue bring up are not small feelings. Sadness, for example, is all consuming, therefore “blue” should be a large size. I chose to type in a sans serif font because I do not associate blue with the formality of either an old style or a modern serif font or a script or cursive , nor does it have the fun, care-free attitude of a decorative font.




This is the menu i made for the assignment. I did not have too many problems working with InDesign, but I did run into a few problems in coming up with ideas for the menu. I also had a hard time getting everything to fit on the size page that i chose.

About Me


Image       Hello, my name is Caitlin Stropes. Although I was born in Illinois, I consider my true home to be Texas. I lived most of my life there and have picked up many Texan habits and tastes. I love Mexican food, barbecue and Whataburger. In high school I joined the marching band as a tuba player and I loved every minute of it. When I began looking for colleges I knew that I wanted to continue marching. When I heard The Golden Land from Tiger Land perform I knew that I had to be a part of it. From that moment on I was a tiger at heart. 

       Aside from being a band geek, I am also kind of a nerd. I absolutely love Doctor Who, Star Trek  and pretty much any sci-fi movie. I built my own PC and strongly believe that PC is better than Mac. Hopefully this semester I can improve my Photoshop skills and learn a new program. There is just something about being able to create things on the computer that I absolutely love. I seriously considered going into computer science, but after a few programing classes I realized that programing did not allow me to be creative in the ways that I wanted to be. When I found out about LSU’s new digital advertising program I was ecstatic. It combined my love of computers and creativity with my random knowledge of almost all commercials. I am extremely excited to be a part of this new program at LSU. 



The Golden Band’s Tiger Stadium

Tiger Band's entrance into Tiger Stadium

Tiger Band’s entrance into Tiger Stadium

The 92,542 LSU fans that fill Tiger Stadium on any given game day have never experienced the stadium the way that the Golden Band From Tigerland has.

There are the obvious differences between  the average fan and a band member. While both flock to the stadium to cheer on tigers, the band is there to do a job. That means getting there early, staying late and being ready for anything and everything in-between.

While the fans are sitting in their seats, eating stadium food and drinking beer, the band is hard at work, and only has a squished turkey wrap and a bottle of watter to keep them fueled for the game.

After they march to the stadium, perform pre-game and make their way back up into the stands there is no doubt that the band members are exhausted, and the game hasn’t even started yet.

They still have to play for every down, every point and, with “Oh-Wee-Oh” back in the set list, between the extra point and the kick-off. Then theres the half time show, which means another trip down to the field. This is not a short walk, especially if you are carrying a 45-pound-sousaphone.  Jorge Morales, a 3rd year tuba for Tiger Band said,

“Yes, being in Tiger Band is exhausting, and we have to do a lot more work when we are at home in Tiger Stadium than we have to do in away stadiums, but its worth it. It is an honor to be a part of the band and to support our football team at home.”

All of the hard work is rewarding. After the game is over and all of the fans have left, the band partakes in its traditional singing of the alma mater. The echoing of 325 voices through an empty stadium after a win is more than enough to make up for all of the hard  work. Many people have never even been in an empty Tiger Stadium, but its breathtaking.

To the band, Tiger Stadium is as much as a home for them as it is for the football team. They laugh, cry, cheer and build memories there.