Whataburger Digital Profile


whataburgerWhataburger posts a lot on Twitter, often times several times a day. Their posts are sometimes pictures of their food, but other times they are about things going on in the the states where they have stores. Recently they have been posting a lot about  South by South West, which is taking place in Texas this week.

They also have a website https://shop.whataburger.com/Products#!/gift-cards?gclid=CNWnuuPwjr0CFUVp7AodW3YAtg where they sell merchandise and their delicious ketchup and mustard. The website also has a section that highlights good events and happenings in communities.

They also have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/whataburger where they post a lot of the same things that they do on Twitter. Their newest post is of Conan O’Brien at a store in Cleburne, Tx.

All of Whataburger’s pages have the logo as the profile picture and a picture of their food as the banner.  Although it isn’t the same picture of the food throughout their profiles there is a since of continuity.



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