Color Schemes




Paint samples are an example of monochromatic color schemes. Although an example showing different shades of a color would also be an example of this color scheme, house paint is generally mixed with white, making it a tint of a color.


ComplementaryThe Scream by Edvard Munch uses the complementary colors of orange in the sky and blue in the rest of the picture. The brighter color of the orange draws your eye first, and its almost like the subject of the painting is screaming because the sky is on fire.


sunflowersThis sunflower shows an example of analogous color because it shows gold, yellow, and green. The yellow of the sunflower pops against the green of the plants around it because it is the brightest of the three colors in the scheme.


Triad schemesThe flag of Colombia is a really good example of a triad color scheme. Not only are its colors of yellow, blue and red a triad, they are a triad of primary colors.


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